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26. I was born a poor black child. Live in Israel. Exchanged Jerusalem for Tel Aviv. Journalist. Profiteer. Love music. Smoke. Hate routine. Seek for challas and rivah. Still haven't found the right bakery. Don't know exactly what I want, only know what I don't want. .

Mevulagan is my life -- Balagan, 'mess' in Hebrew.

That's your life!

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Moving Again. Beit Shemesh. Yeah, it's going to be cool.
Lots of things happenning and I have to find time to pack and organize. Yeah, this is one more of the reasons I've been on the couch more than usual. Shabbat starts early in winter. Do you rememeber at the supermarket in Jerusalem I got given a rag to wear over my jeans? Yeah, couldn't stand it. Walked out. Made me really mad. Crazy as it sounds I've been thinking about that rag ever since. Was kind of a cool color, y'know? More I thought about it the more I knew I wanted to wear one all the time. So gonna move to a place where I can wear a rag over my jeans and no will will look at me funny. In fact, I knew it would happen, it was just earlier than I initially thought. Can't live in the middle of pure scum. And I also don't have strenghen to fight for it. So I'm leaving. It took me a long time to find an apartament and had many arguments with Mr. Secular, but I didn't care. Doesn't fit me, I'm just going without any dramas and that's it. Therefore next week I'm going to live SHOMER NEGIA, ladies and gentlemen. No more male flatmates to drive me crazy anymore. I'm gonna live in MY apartment, kosher kitchen, NO television on Shabbat, lots of rags in many different colors, everything mine, just mine, the way I want. It's just a dream becoming true. And yes, Beit Shemesh is one of the best places in the world to live. I'm going Haredi and its going to be cool. Don't like it? Too bad. I've told this before: if you don't like what you find here, go away. Just be polite and go away, ok? Thanks.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Everyday off. I'm just on the couch. All the time on the couch!

I thought I would have a busy weekend and a busy week with all kinds of crazy things to do like running to Ramallah, covering the elections, and interviewing Sharon. Yeah, I know he is in a coma but he'd wake up to talk to me. When I was working to cover up the goings on in the Knesset, Sharon was often asleep in the corridor. Was strange. But he always woke up to talk to me. But I was suddenly told I wouldn't be working tomorrow or again in the next days. I haven't been in such a break from work for a long time. But I want to make clear that I am complaining. I'm really unhappy. Life's come to its down again and I'm unrealized. Like Sharon. He's worse, he's in a coma and I'm just on the couch.

As you know, the last month was quite intensive. Many trips to the Hapolaim Bank and I'm sorry, if you're still waiting for anything, give up. Go find yourselves another journalist to extort. And leave my blog alone. Mine's written for profit for myself and not even my friends. The ones who are complaining about the socks should especially leave. Those ones who condemn me have never been in my shoes, have no idea how much footwork my job requires, and don't even realize that the photo that bothered them so much wasn't... D'ya know what? Doesn't matter. So the socks are ugly. Who cares? Not me. They don't stink and they make top figures of Hamas tell me their biggest secrets and give me lots of money to just disappear already with the socks. My grandmother always used to say that warm feet will keep a cold away and ugly socks are the most common way to keep from getting shot. She's right. Yalla, maybe in the next days there will be more corruption for me to cover up and get kicked back some money to pay for cable when I am on the couch and bored. Then I can wear the ugly socks. Maybe even buy some not ugly socks. To those who would condemn my socks what the hell's going on with you? I have nothing to add but another picture of the socks